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Good Intentions Are Not Good Enough


This 200+ page book is a primer about the social mind in the workplace, but the concepts and strategies are equally applicable in all areas of life.

Hidden Curriculum for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations for Adolescents and Young Adults, The


In the revised and expanded edition of this popular book, the authors narrow their target to issues common to adolescents and young adults. While many of the features of the original book have been maintained, information on evidence-based practice has been added.


Inside Out


Social Behavior Mapping


The Social Behavior Mapping book introduces the Social Emotional Chain Reaction (SERC), provides instructions for completing maps and adds in a 10-Step guide to promote better teaching with fidelity on the part of interventionists.

Social Situation Mapping: Making Sense of the Social World


Revised, updated and retitled, this practical book includes 80+ completed Social Situation Maps to explore 40+ common situations at school, home and in the community.

Social Thinking and Me

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Social Thinking and Me is a powerhouse of social knowledge to help children aged 9 to 12 to transition into the more socially complex and socially demanding older grades and become stronger social problem solvers.


Social Thinking Frameworks Collection


A Two-Set Collection of 26 Visual Teaching Scaffolds for Social Learning & Self-Regulation

Socially Curious and Curiously Social (3rd Edition)


A multiple award winner, this detailed guidebook was developed with the input of neurodivergent teens and young adults as a way to help sail the stormy seas of dating, texting, lies, and everyday relationships.


Superflex Takes on Glassman and the Team of Unthinkables (1st Edition)


In this teaching comic book in the Superflex series, the superhero, Superflex, swoops down to help Aiden overcome the Unthinkable, Glassman (who causes our over-reactions to small things), at just the right time: the first day of school!