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101 Activities to Help Children get on Together


This invaluable new book is packed with activities that will enable you to assess a child’s ability to cooperate, target specific ways to develop their skills and give them positive experiences of working with others.

101 Games For Better Behaviour


This latest book in the 101 Games for… series is full of engaging games and activities that will help children to develop the skills and attributes needed for positive behaviour and effective learning.

101 Games for Self-Esteem


This practical book provides a comprehensive collection of innovative games that are essential for any teacher interested in unlocking the full potential of children by promoting their self-esteem.

101 Games for Social Skills


This invaluable new book is packed with creative and dynamic games that will help children to develop positive relationships.

Quality Circle Time in the Primary Classroom


Jenny Mosley’s book contains over 200 activities for Circle Time sessions, teacher’s notes, advice and solutions, a resources section and a back-up training and support section..

Successful Lunchtimes for Supervisors


Jenny Mosley has written this handbook to help lunchtime supervisors become even more effective and confident. This handbook provides clear, practical strategies that will have a lasting impact on the character of a school.