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Basic Number Screening Test (5th Edition)


This UK numeracy test is delivered orally, so assesses students’ numeracy skills rather than their reading ability. This makes it an ideal assessment for use with poor readers.

Diagnostic Reading Analysis – 3rd Edition


The Diagnostic Reading Analysis is a modern oral reading test designed specifically for less able readers from 7 to 16 years.

Diagnostic Spelling Tests


The Diagnostic Spelling Tests provide a series of standardised group or individual spelling tests for pupils throughout their school years and beyond. Each test is easy to administer and available in parallel forms A and B, which are carefully matched in content, style and difficulty.

NNRIT: NEW Non-Reading Intelligence Test


The NNRIT tests assess aspects of language and thinking that are not necessarily represented in measures of pupil attainments and help to pinpoint low-achieving and slow-reading pupils who may have high underlying ability. Oral administration allows poor readers to do themselves full justice.

Salford Sentence Reading and Comprehension Test (Fifth Edition)


Fully re-standardised and now in its fifth edition, the Salford Sentence Reading and Comprehension Test provides three parallel forms to track pupil progress, gives standardised scores as well as reading ages, includes an optional new measure of reading comprehension, and extends the test ‘ceiling’ for less able readers to 16.