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Talkabout (2nd Edition) & Talkabout Relationships


This core Talkabout manual is a practical resource essential for Speech and Language Therapists and other professionals who need to help people with special needs develop social skills.

Talkabout for Children


Talkabout is a complete programme for developing children’s self-esteem, social and friendship skills.

Talkabout for Teenagers & Adults


These two terrific Talkabout books have been written to support educators and therapists who deliver social and relationship skills groups for older children and young adults with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.

Talkabout Poster Set


This colourful set of 16 posters has been designed to complement the Talkabout range. The posters provide visual stimulus to support work on social skills.

Talkabout Sex & Relationships


This two-book Talkabout series is a comprehensive resource for therapists, educators and support staff who deliver relationship and sex education to people with special needs.

Talkabout Theory of Mind


This comprehensive Talkabout book is designed to support those for whom theory of mind does not come naturally.

Talkabout Transitions: From Education to Employment


This is a comprehensive programme of activities designed to support young people as they make the transition from education to employment.

Talkabout Video Library


This resource was previously published as Talkabout DVD (ISBN: 9780863885679) and includes the same video scenarios.