Aha! Process is an award-winning training and publishing company providing workshops, publications, and consulting services to help improve lives and build sustainable success in communities, schools, and higher education. We do this by creating an understanding of the dynamics that cause and maintain poverty from the individual to systems level.

Poverty, middle class, and wealth are about an abundance or lack of resources. Our work helps individuals, businesses, students, and communities build resources for a more successful, sustainable future.

You can guess where we got our name from. Our company was originally RFT Publishing Co., but so many people told us how our work gave them an “aha” moment—that sudden clarity when all the pieces fit together—that  we changed our name. We strive to build those moments for you, helping you gain a broader, deeper understanding of economic class and how it impacts your work, your community, and your life.

aha! Process Catalogue - 'Driven by Empathy'

Boys in Crisis


Dr. Paul Slocumb paints a riveting portrait of the emotional abyss that engulfs many of our male children. Particularly powerful are the book’s six real-life case studies and the creative solutions Slocumb describes.


Bridges Out of Poverty


Bridges Out of Poverty champions alliances of support and helps individuals and communities that are ready to break free of poverty. Rather than create reliance, Bridges communities create new understanding, skills, resources and motivation.


Bridges to Sustainable Communities


Most anti-poverty programs lack a system-wide scope of effort. But when ALL stakeholders – people in poverty, communities, businesses and organisations – come to the table with a coherent plan of action, amazing things happen as evidenced in the articles in this book.


Getting Ahead

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