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Building Bridges of Understanding


Building Bridges of Understanding is a whole-school approach to the teaching of comprehension that was devised by Dr. Ann Courtney of the University of Hartford, Connecticut, Dr. Martin Gleeson, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick and nine schools in Ireland

Building Bridges: Engaging Students at Risk Through the Power of Relationships


Nurture positive student-teacher relationships to improve student engagement, behaviour, and achievement for youth at risk. Research shows that discipline problems are one of the greatest challenges in education. In Building Bridges, author Don Parker shows educators how to address this issue head-on.

Building Interpersonal Relations in the Classroom


Educational researchers, management think tanks, motivational gurus and happiness advisers regularly affirm the essence of what former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson once observed:
“The guts of teaching is simple – it is the relationship between a teacher and a group of kids.”



Building Maths Fitness

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This series, aimed at 10- to 12-year-old students, has been designed to consolidate, enrich and extend students’ learning and to help them become maths fit.

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Building Resiliency in Schools


This handbook shows that resiliency-based schools give young people the ability and opportunity to redirect their energies towards achieving success.



Bully Off!

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Christmas Books

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Classroom Management


Classroom Management was written so that experienced teachers, beginning teachers and educators in staff development positions will be able to extend their thinking and skills related to classroom management.