Visual Literacy through Picture Storybooks

Visual Literacy through Picture Storybooks by Julianne Wilson
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Within this book is an invaluable tool for creating a reading program that is organised, manageable and above all motivating. Using books selected for their popularity, literary value and links to other key learning areas, these units foster the in-depth study of literature while encouraging higher-order thinking skills with activities based on the revised Bloom's taxonomy.

The use of picture story books provides a medium that is manageable for teachers and accessible to students of varied ability. The environment, war, cultural diversity, the plight of the indigenous peoples and gender stereotyping are just some of the many issues explored by featured authors. Using a genre that is attractive and accessible to all, the books tell a story whilst also inviting their readers to think and act beyond the words of their pages.


Julianne Wilson

  ISBN: 9781741013559      PAGES: 64      AGE: 9-14+