Sounds to Words - Single Licence

Multi-Sensory, Interactive Phonics Software Program.

Single User Licence
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This software phonics program was developed for use in primary schools in Ireland. It is also used successfully in lower secondary school settings and with special needs students.

The four CD-Roms in the program can be installed on one  computer with the single user licence.  

Click HERE to Download 'Sounds to Words Program: Practical Tips for Teachers'

Students will have access to over 650 proven and engaging reading activities that cover all their required spelling, phonics, language and grammar from a reading age of 4 to 14. Students can progress at their own individual rates and their self-evident improvement can be a great confidence booster.

There are diagnostic tools contained in the software program which will enable the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student, which can then be addressed with targeted reinforcement activities.

Hundreds of printable worksheets contained within the program will consolidate and support the phonic, spelling and grammar skills being taught in the classroom.

The price of this product includes V.A.T.


Michael Murphy

[CODE: STW-1; AGE: 4-14]