Renfrew Language Scales - Bus Story Test


The Renfrew Language Scales - Bus Story Test is a test of narrative speech.
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Catherine Renfrew's three tests have been used for many years and provide a means of assessing children's speech and language. All three tests are suitable for use with children aged 3 to 8 and are norm referenced to enable teachers and therapists to produce comparative results. Norms are given at six-monthly intervals for both the Action Picture Test and Word Finding Vocabulary Test and monthly for the Bus Story Test.

 Tests available in this series:

  1. Action Picture Test
  2. Bus Story Test
  3. Word Finding Vocabulary Test
  4. The Renfrew Language Scales Combo (1, 2 & 3 above)

Renfrew Language Scales - Bus Story Test

A test of narrative speech. 

Age range: 3 to 9 years.


  • Booklet
  • Photocopiable scoring form
  • Manual - boxed

[CODE: TF-8808]

[Author: Catherine Renfew; Ages: 3-9]